Dear Left Coast,

I’born in CA 1944. Been registered to vote since 1968

when I was a founding member of the Peace & Freedom Party. Been "No Particular Party Prefrence” for many years. I voted for P&F Party candidates

for President and VP, here on CA

primary 2020.

I know how massively rigged and corrupt to the core state and national elections are. Our Humboldt County Community and Elections we did purge of

DIEBOLD electronic malware infested virus codes “voting” machines by Bush invaded CA

with Kamala Harris brought em in and we saw how cyberwars were being committed on Americas elections by early 2000s .. so we evicted the virus malware machines. Went to all paper ballots that get scanned at polling sites and are viewable by # posted on election’s website. We do public group consensus ballots votes counts,

in person round table. All parties participate with elections and feel our local county elections are at least the best county elections in CA and perhaps the nation.

I’m a lifelong member of the Blues Dreamers for Peace movement globally.

I have friends of all parties who agree with a people’s platform that embraces our Main Street priorities for our human needs, PEACE and planet. Shut the 800

US Military Bases Down. Heritage Heirloom Organic Local

Farming and Gardening. GMO Free. Fluoride Free Water. Healthy energy efficient affordable section 8 homes coops with organic crops coops

home based business entrepreneurs. Just know we’ve got the knowledge, experience, wisdom and skills to unite with mama earth’s body electric and vital grounding removes inflammations and pain. Preparing for Cleansing of the Monopoly Monsters Money Changers and Reclaim Earth Renew.

Yes we gotta stand up and be counted!

Lend our helping hands!

Help share truth and love ❤️

and peace throughout our lands!

Please know I thank you for letting me post here.

Please reach out Please make contact to a little old lady who

knows you are family yes you can come visit my home soon.

You just call out my name and I’ll be there. We unite heaven and earth both our homes. Sacred thoughts and prayers bring us together with Great Holy Spirit!

Please call me direct bd text ok.

Make my day!

Meaghan Simpson

707-672-4356 PT

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Yes I need to give you my phone #: 707-672-4356

CAlifornia USA Pacific Times

-Healthy Community Builders for Personal. and Planetary Healing!

United in the light with truth, love and healing, feeling, wheeling and dealing for our freedoms, civil liberties and rights. I’ll give you the maps you’re invited!

Email: MendingWheel@icloud.com

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I want headquarters for LEFT COAST PHONE CONTACT AND GET TOGETHERS. I’m not into just internet contact. I won’t pay to just read and write comments and articles. It’s time to connect

with YOU🙏👀 I need your help

to get our community here my home Humboldt County, CA YES

my Heart here in the Heart of the Redwoods community are Healthy Humboltians Freedom Lovers who know globalists planned RESET is slavery, a fate worse than death. Angels do abound and we’re jamming and shaking bootie yes hopping and a bopping to magic medicine music sacred soul power rhythm

masters sounds! Yeah we be wiggling and giggling all over to joyful sounds! We be people from 2-102. That’s who we are. That’s what we do! We’re arts alive and we’re breathing shaking and a rocking all around! Please I love you, please

🙏 Call me: 707-672-4356

We Need to Meet for people, peace and planet now! In person you’re invited! 💜🕊🆘🕺🥁😄🎸🎹🎤🎷🎺🗽💋

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